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The World of Dreams

We all dream. If you think you don’t dream, chances are you are one of the people that just isn’t able to remember it. Dreams can be joyful, exhilarating, scary, sad, and fantastical. Some are able to remember their dreams vividly or in colour while others only recall snippets about what happened while asleep. But why do we dream anyway?

We should pay more attention to our dreams, as they can enable us to heal. In the dream state we process daily events allowing our consciousness to balance and prepare for the next day. We may sleep and dream more often at times of greater stress or illness. Some are able to see future events in their dreams while others find some dreams may confirm what they already know or believe.

It may be during this time of sleep that as well as resting and healing our physical bodies we also clear our soul of any unwanted debris. In some spiritual circles it is believed that the soul or light-body lifts out of the physical during deep sleep while still attached to the body by its lighted silver cord. If you have ever felt as if you were falling and then awakened suddenly with a jolt, this is thought by some to be the light-body re-entering the physical rather hastily. If you have ever dreamt of flying, this is also by some thought to be the floating sensation of the light-body hovering above the sleeping vessel of the physical body.

Some Shamans believe they can dream a new existence and reality into being while in a state of consciousness. Our day-dreams are also our plans, aspirations that can be made more powerful if thought about on a regular basis in a positive way.

If you are going through a stressful experience try and hold in your mind a question for your dreams to answer. Say this to yourself before drifting off to sleep and your dreams may bring a response. If nothing happens, try again the next night. Keep a pad and pencil handy to write down any thoughts that enter your mind the next morning. Allow your thoughts to drop into your mind before jumping up and out of bed to start the day. Roll gently from one side to the other as this can assist with dream recall.

Dried herbs such as lavender and hops can aid relaxation and can be beneficial in easing the body into the sleep state. Bags or pillows containing these can be made or purchased. A warm drink just before bedtime can also help. Winding down before getting into bed is also important as it is very difficult to dream clearly if your mind is full of the exciting film you just watched or the negative items on the national news! Take three deep breaths when you are comfortable and at rest. Imagine your problems and anxiety being breathed out, while breathing in all that you desire and all that you dream of.

And have sweet dreams!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

William Shakespeare.

There are numerous books on the subject of dreams. A few titles are listed below:

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams    Ian Wallace

The Secret World of Sleep                           Penelope A Lewis

The Dream Directory from A to Z                  Theresa Cheung

Sleepfaring                                               Jim Horne