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Dream Time Reviews

A Good read. A credible first novel written with passion and empathy for Australia and its ancient spiritual culture. A good read with a message for us all.

By Kate Tremayne, author of ‘Adam Loveday’ and the Loveday Books.


Great read very interesting. A very easy read that makes you think. A lovely story line with lots of interesting information very enlightening, glad I made time to read it.



Walking between worlds. This atmospheric story draws you in right from the start and leads you on a journey filled with mystery and suspense, love and hope. At times it's as if you are there, walking with the ancient peoples of the Australian continent, experiencing their sorrow and pain, longing for the harmony of the land to be restored. Rachel's quest speaks to deep cultural and societal issues, leading us to question our values as we come closer to the realisation that we are one tribe. Uplifting and enlightening.

By L.S. Harvey Frank


Dream Time is so much more than just a novel. It is a fascinating story with many facets but it also takes you on a journey of the soul. It inspires the reader to look within, to really think. Clearly written from the heart and with deep understanding and appreciation of the country's history (Australia) and of nature and the importance of human connection to it and respect for it.

By Clarry


Please read.

Sarah writes from the heart and the soul. Anyone could read this book and recognise an aspect of themselves within it.

I knew nothing of Australia and the indigenous people beyond the fact that they were in touch with nature - this book helps you feel this and mourn for them as you should.  I read this book and remembered what was really important in life - or should I say re-remembered because I do know - I just keep forgetting!!

It is not a difficult read, no matter what else goes on in your world u can have time for this book and it might just remind you that what is going on in your world really isn't that much of a worry!

By Amanda Dor’e


Dream Time instantly engulfs you in its mystery, weaving its web between worlds old and new as the song of the ancestors reveals its enduring power and offers us an opportunity of hope for a brighter future.

By A.F.


Any reader who has travelled in Northern Territories, Australia, will find this book a delight. Such amazing descriptions of the area and people, along with a very unusual story line cannot fail to move the reader. A wonderful first book!.



Sarah Starr writes with such clarity. I was pulled effortlessly into the story and felt like I was walking along side Rachel throughout her journey. This story is so visual, I can see it being transferred to the big screen one day.

By Vivien Hathaway.


Loved this book. Easy to read and it takes you on a journey of life in Australia in the 1970's with spirituality of Aborigine people, history, mystery and much more woven in to make an excellent read.

By Jackie Williams.


This was so different from my normal reading, excellent story, took you into Australia, I felt I knew the climate, such knowledge and care went into it, I loved it, even if I was spooked doing my early morning job in an empty office by a funny noise!

By Gill Elmer.


An interesting book detailing some of the Aborigine beliefs and difficulties in a modern world. Great holiday reading with enough intrigue to keep you thinking but not so much you can't stop for a dip in the pool.

By Val Kirk.


Such a thoughtful subject gets right to the heart ,of these peoples loss of their homeland very well written loved it.

By Sylvia Boxall.


One of the best books around,thought provoking,magical ,spiritual,it gave you a great insight into aboriginal heritage.

Sarah Starr a star of the future.

By Chrissie Durrant.