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Dream Time The Secrets of Moorvale Asylum Dream Time Chapters 1-2 TSoMA Chapters 1-3

This novel is a unique spiritual mystery that connects the lives of modern-day Australians with Aborigines and colonizers from 1788.

The story follows the lives of lovers Rachel and Luke who unwittingly become part of an ancient curse.

Old scores are waiting to be settled but who will have to pay them?  

The novel highlights the early atrocities of colonizers along with the importance of looking after our planet.

The future of our earth may depend on our ability to forgive and the making of amends.

We owe those who served in the World Wars so much. Their sacrifice and bravery allowed the starting point for a peaceful existence for future generations.

This story follows Juliette Leon, a former WW2 Resistance Fighter who can only remember her child taken from her and of skiing through endless mountain ranges. A breakdown sees her admitted to the asylum. Her doctor Alec Silver sympathised with the enemy and wishes to punish heros like Juliette with barbaric treatments.

The complex plot highlights and parallels light and dark, good and evil. Doctor Silver becomes caught up in a murder enquiry and his beliefs drag him into further illicit schemes. As Juliette’s memory recovers Elemental beings in the asylum grounds allow a healing to occur. When all appears hopeless it seems anything is possible if magic is allowed into our lives.

The recent undercurrent of worldwide Nationalism prompted this novel, along with the many inspiring older clients I have treated throughout the years.

I dedicate this story to them, and to all those who have experienced the devastation of war.